Amazon Product Photography


If you’re investing in producing great products to sell on Amazon you need fantastic photography to sell your products effectively.

The most successful sellers always have the best images (have you noticed!?).

We produce top quality images that:
fit the Amazon requirements,
attract sales,
with pricing about 25% cheaper than from US-based Amazon photographers.

Our turnaround time is fast,
and since we’re based on the Gold Coast in Australia, your postage is local also.





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(Addition to Standard and Premium Package only)

Basic info-graphic overlay +$50/ image
Complex info-graphic overlay $75/ image
Cut-outs from white background $10/ image
Photoshop colour change (if possible) $50/image per colour




Can I do this course with a phone camera?

No, this course is specially designed to suit people with an SLR, Digital SLR, Mirrorless or other kind of camera that offers full manual control functionality.

If have a phone camera and you’d like to improve your photography I’d suggest starting with my book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Natural Light for Food Photography’ (available in digital and hard copy) which will teach you the fundamentals of natural light. Also checkout my free online course 'Food Photography Crash Course' in the 'courses' section of this site.

Specifically what sort of camera do I need?

Any camera that offers full manual mode functionality ie. the ability to adjust shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Is this course only suitable for people interested in food photography?

No! Actually this is foundational photography training. While all the examples are related to food photography, this course is suitable for anyone who simply wants to learn manual mode. While I’ve deliberately designed the content to appeal to people interested in food, still life and tabletop imagery - the principles that I teach are just as relevant to any genre of photography.

I’m not sure if I’m experienced enough to learn manual mode yet?

This course is suitable if you are comfortable with your camera, you have been using it for a little while on auto mode and have noticed that you’re not always getting the results that you’d like. You could do this course after just buying your camera, but it might be distracting familiarising yourself with the camera as the same time as learning from the course. I’d suggest a minimum of a few weeks of regular shooting with the camera before attempting to learn manual mode

Do I need to be technically-minded to understand manual mode? I’ve heard it’s very complicated.

Absolutely not. Many people have the misconception that manual mode is really difficult. In actual fact the core principles are quite easy to absorb. The reason people tend to get confused is that the numbering systems are contrary to our normal logic. I have created a series of great tips and techniques to simplify all the potential pitfalls. You will be surprised at how quickly you will be confidently shooting on manual mode.

How much effort will it take to learn manual mode?

You will need to put between 1-3 hours each week into the practical exercises. If you’re just in a hurry to understand the concept fully you could get away with 1 hour, but if you’d like to feel confident that you’ve really nailed it, plus you’d like to make some great images in the process, I’d suggest 2-3hrs per week (preferably in one session) is the ideal.

Do I have to do the practical exercises?

You are unlikely to learn manual mode properly from just watching the video content. It is practical effort and repetition that will commit the principles to your memory. If you don’t have time at the moment to do the assignments I’d suggest it’s not the right time to try and learn manual mode.

How long will I have access to this course?

Life happens, and despite your best intentions, you might not get through all the material in the suggested timeframe. That’s OK, because you will have lifetime access to all the content. You can access it and revise and work at your own pace for as long as you’d like. To receive my feedback on your assignments you will need to upload your shots by the supplied deadlines though.

What kind of lenses do I need?

Any lens that is suitable for tabletop size photography. If you only have lenses suitable for wildlife photography, ie. with very long zoom lenses, these would not be suitable. Generally most people buy at least one standard lens when they buy their camera, and this will be completely appropriate.

Do I need a tripod?

A tripod is highly recommended in food and table top photography. You will be able to start the course without one, but when we get to the shutterspeed exercises, you will need a tripod to be able to complete the tasks.

Can I access the training on my phone or tablet as well as my computer?

Yes. You will receive a simple and convenient login and you can access the course from any usual platform that you would view other web content from.

I get nervous when I try to learn something new. Will this course be supportive?

Definitely. The beauty of this course is that you are not alone. You will have personal, individualised mentoring from me for the four week duration. You can ask any question that you like, and only I will see it. You don’t need to feel silly or exposed if you think your questions are very basic. I am happy to answer any queries that you have related to the course content.




Sarah Joy Leuterio  Graphic Designer

Sarah Joy Leuterio
Graphic Designer

Fran is a wonderful instructor. I have been in both her physical and online classrooms. She has an easy, relaxed, and encouraging style. Fran adapts to suit individual needs and she has been incredibly helpful in developing my novice photography skills.

Sarah Joy Leuterio  Graphic Designer

Sarah Joy Leuterio
Graphic Designer

The course was exactly what I expected and more. In fact it's the first time I have completely understood aperture and shutter speed thanks to the easy-to-digest format. I particularly liked Fran’s teaching style.



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