Book publishing has changed dramatically in recent years. No longer are clients restricted to the whims of publishers to share their message with the world. In fact, having an established following/audience and a solid concept that aligns with your core values are the key ingredients. Once you have these components we can help you with everything else. We can produce not only your food or lifestyle photography and graphic design, but also provide support with defining the structure of your book and navigating the complex world of publishing along with; styling, editing, illustration and printing - until you have a finished product in your hands. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your dream project come to life.


We are excited to be building a reputation for producing multi-award winning book for our clients. This beautiful recipe book for Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is no exception, as it's in the process of clocking up some fantastic international awards. Fran Flynn (bio) had years of experience as a graphic design in Ireland, England and Australia, prior to offering her photography skills to professional clients. Combining design skills with stunning photography mean that you can get the best result  from one business and can feel confident that your images will  complement your layout exactly.


Fran Flynn teamed up with her husband, wine expert David Stevens-Castro, to publish this highly illustrative recipe book that can teach everyone how to match food and wine for themselves. It is a colourful lighthearted approach to education that has been a hit around the world, and as a result it boasts multiple international awards.

We don't just produce recipe books. Infact any book that takes a very visual approach is right up our street. Below is an extract from 'The Yoga of Pregnancy' for Iyengar yoga instructor Liz Costigan, with images and design by Fran Flynn Photography & Design.

Below is the first cook book that we produced - a food trail recipe book through the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales for Tancred Publishing, which showcases a chef and their cuisine from both renowned and lesser known locations.